Basic block of BBA study

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The first block of study is the basic block, identical for all students. It contains 3 modules that focus on the practical deepening of knowledge in the field of management, financial management and human resources. The basic block is taught in 1 training day (usually on Saturday).

List of basic modules:

Management Theory and Practice


The aim of this module is to introduce the basic concepts, history and practices of management within a broader framework and decision making. The introductory part of the module is a summary of the historical development of management, introducing the basic directions of management and the most important personalities who participated in the formation of management. The module also provides a conceptual and methodological basis for further specialized management courses and for illustrating applications and specifics in Czech conditions. It covers the basic aspects of the subject areas of management in terms of their process.

Personnel Management in the Organization


Personnel management and its processes are the backbone of company management. This module deals with the management and development of human resources. Students will gain a general knowledge of HR policy, learn to work with basic concepts, become familiar with various methods of human resource management and have an overview of modern trends in HR in the 21st century, as well as learn how to effectively use human capital.

Basic Financial Management


Students will learn to perceive managerial activities from an economic and financial perspective, in terms of profitability. We will learn basic financial terminology for better insight and cooperation with other departments in the company and learn to navigate basic corporate financial reports. We will also focus on the analysis and evaluation of the financial performance of the company and the issue of short-term and long-term financing of the company.