Specialized block BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA Project Management

The second block of study is specialized and consists of four educational modules which the student completes within his/her specialization. The specialty training is divided into 2 training days. Students can choose specific dates from a wide range of courses directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Introduction to Project Management


The aim of the module is to expand theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to develop a project plan. Through the processing of the seminar work, the student interprets the results/outcomes obtained from the project according to the data and statistical surveys, proposes measures to change/improve/innovate/modernize the project plan in the medium and long term in accordance with current and expected trends in the relevant field/industry/sector.

Project Documentation and Risks


The module introduces students in a clear form to the mandatory and recommended documents used in the individual phases of project preparation and management, starting with the project charter, project plan and its subparts, up to the final documents used in the closing and eventual evaluation of the project. The second part of the module will focus on the issue of risk in projects. First, it will present the characteristics and importance of risks in projects, then it will focus on their management (risk identification, analysis and methods of dealing with risks in projects) and finally it will present the position and management of risks within the project cycle.

Project Life Cycle


Students will learn the basic concepts and tools of project management in the context of the project life cycle. We will describe and learn to apply project management tools, methods and techniques relevant to each phase of the project life cycle according to IPMA. We will explain the differentiation of the terms project life cycle, product life cycle and project management life cycle.

Soft competences in project management


The aim of the module is to introduce students to the issue of human resources in project management, especially in the project team, the main activities and competencies of project team members and project manager in the context of the application of soft competencies. The module addresses the setup of the project organization in the context of successful project completion and mentions the most important soft competences such as communication, time management or conflict and problem solving.