ESMB Library

Students of the European School of Business & Management have access to quality information resources from which they can draw throughout their studies, when writing their term papers, case studies and final thesis. Students can borrow some of the required literature from the ESBM’s regular library or from the online library.

Online library

As a bonus to their studies, students get free access to the online library. They can find more than 1.000.000 titulů from several book portals. The publications are available not only in Czech, but also in English and several other languages. The library is available to all ESBM students regardless of their MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc program or specialization.

Quick access to specialist titles and the user-friendly environment of the online library will facilitate the entire study process. Students can look forward to popular science literature, scholarly articles or scientific studies and research.

Regular Library

Of course, our students can also borrow literature in the traditional way. A list of specific books and borrowing regulations is available to each student directly in the student section. The library provides basic materials for study and the number of titles it offers is constantly expanded based on the needs and demands of students.