What are the admission conditions for BBA studies?

Applicants for the BBA vocational program must provide evidence of a passed high-school graduation exam. Completion of a university degree or experience in a managerial position is not required for the BBA program. BBA studies applicants are admitted to study without entrance examinations or entrance interviews. See information in the Conditions of Admissions section.

What is the cost of the BBA studies?

The standard price for BBA studies is CZK 59,000 excluding VAT. However, we have currently prepared a special offer for our students, for more information please see the Tuition Fee. section. The limited time offer applies to all BBA specializations. You can also spread your tuition fees over up to 12 installments without increasing the cost of your studies.

How can I submit an application?

You can apply for BBA studies online on our website in electronic form, by sending through post or delivering in person to the study department. If the application is duly submitted and the necessary documents are attached (a copy of the graduation certificate), a contract on the studies will be sent to the applicant together with information on the further procedure. After signing the contract and paying the first installment of the tuition fee, the applicant will be given access to student section, where you will find all the materials for your studies, including study materials.

Why choose ESBM for your BBA studies?

The European School of Business & Management SE, as the first and only institution to offer postgraduate BBA programs, offers a unique model of study based on the Oxford system of teaching with the option of selecting some modules yourself. This modern and effective educational model is primarily practically oriented and helps develop each student’s independent thinking and logical skills. Take a look at research on the benefits of MBA studies at EBSM through the eyes of our graduates.

When do studies at ESBM start?

You can apply to study BBA programs at ESBM at any time during the year. So there is no need to wait for semesters to start or to deal with the opening of a required program. Within the e-learning system, all study materials are immediately available and you can start studying right away.

How are studies at ESBM conducted?

The BBA Study is conducted in Czech/Slovak language and combines modern e-learning with interactive workshops.The study is divided into 2 blocks and each block is further divided into individual modules. First Block – basics – is the same for all students and contains 3 modules. Second Block – specialized – students choose one specialization, which is further divided into 4 modules. During the entire study, students complete 3 full-day workshops, which take place on the weekends (Saturday). The output is seminar work or case studies, at the end the student prepares a final thesis, after its defense the study is completed.

What is the composition of the ESBM lecturing team?

The ESBM Lecture Team is comprised of professionals in the field. The diversity of the lecturing team ensures expert coverage of the individual specializations that students choose within their studies. Students can be sure that they will have a specialist in each module. The lecturers are fully available to students throughout their studies.

Is it necessary to attend a class?

As this is one of the highest levels of management education, the student is not required to attend the full-time sections. So there is no such thing as “compulsory attendance.” However, it is highly recommended that the student attends the lessons, as the personal meeting with a lecturer is a major added value to the studies.

What is the term paper?

A written thesis that demonstrates the student’s understanding of the subject matter and the actual application in practice. The purpose of the thesis is mainly the student’s own argumentation, his/her views and opinions. The student prepares three term papers for the first block, two papers for the second block and one term paper for the third block.

How long do the BBA studies last?

The standard duration of the BBA program at ESBM is 1 year. At the student’s request, BBA studies may be extended, interrupted or terminated for personal or professional reasons.

How is the BBA study completed?

The study concludes with the preparation of a final thesis and its defense before the committee. Successful graduates will subsequently obtain a professional BBA degree.

Will I receive an BBA degree?

A successful graduate proves the extension of managerial education beyond university studies by obtaining an BBA degree. However, according to the current legislation on universities in the Czech Republic, an BBA degree is not considered an academic degree, but a professional degree, with a title written after the name.

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