Ing. Marie Koblihová

Marie Koblihová lektor

Ing. Marie Koblihová is an expert lecturer in the field of hotel and gastronomy. She graduated from the Hotel University in Prague, where she studied hotel and spa management. Already during her studies, she has gained extensive experience in the field of catering, in addition, she has a rich foreign experience from Ireland, UK and Mexico. She considers one of her greatest experiences to have been working with Gordon Ramsey in the year when she won a Michelin star for the Prague Hilton hotel. In Mexico, she has adopted an openness, warmth and friendliness that works an extraordinary charm on customers and employees alike. In London, she went from being a line attendant in a typical British restaurant to shift manager and then manager of the entire restaurant. She is currently dedicated to improving the quality of hotel and restaurant services and is involved in the education of hotel and restaurant staff in the Czech Republic. An example is the exclusive hotel Augustinian House in Luhačovice. The training covers both soft and hard skills. She tries to convey a simple rule to her “listeners”: it is important for every device to produce a profit. Thanks to satisfied customers, it can be generated in every facility. The secret of success is communication and building a relationship with the customer, perfect knowledge of your own equipment, its advantages and the art of selling. The basis is active selling and the application of the principles of upselling and cross-selling. All this requires precise organization and teamwork. She lives by the motto: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”