Ing. Marika Sablová, DiS.

Marika Sablová is a graduate of the University of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration. She works as an external lecturer in human resources management and as HR director at the Hortim Group. Previously, she worked at IBM as HR Business Partner and at HŽP Prostějov as HR Director. She has experience in the development and implementation of HR strategy and HR policy, and has experience in the implementation of the modern international HR standard – Investors in People. At companies, she put into practice all HR processes such as recruitment, the system of adaptation of new employees, the systematic process of training and development, the creation of job descriptions and their interconnection in the organization, the system of employee evaluation, the rules of remuneration or benefits. She has experience in introducing a system for the professional multifunctionality of employees, internal academy of employee training, including coaching and creating an internal communication system. Her greatest professional achievements include obtaining the Investors in People certificate (UK Commission for Employment and Skills) and the HREA Excellence Award 2010 awarded by the Czech Society for Human Resource Development for: “Most Beneficial Project in an Organization.”