Ing. Mgr. Vojtěch Svoboda

Vojtěch Svoboda’s seminars and workshops focus on management development and work related to the area of management, communication, presentation, self-presentation and defense against irrational and manipulative communication. The trainings are based on the self-discovery of individual participants or groups. He graduated from the Mining University of Ostrava in mining engineering and environmental management. Subsequently, he completed his higher education in the field of human resources management and andragogy. He is a graduate of many certification programs and holds certifications in mediation and psychometric methods, such as Hogan’s Diagnosis, Team Sociomapping (team dynamics), etc. He has also completed certifications of HR management modules and the Core Quadrants® method (directly with the author Daniel Offman). He has worked in the energy industry, where he gained his practical experience, and as a Managing Director in a recruitment company focused on middle and senior management recruitment. He has long-term experience in corporate training in small and medium-sized companies as well as in the corporate sector. For eleven years he worked at ČEZ, a.s. There he participated in the development of employees at executive and managerial level (seminars, workshops, training modules and designing specific development activities). He now works as a consultant, methodologist and trainer in the field of employee development. He actively designs projects related to the development of specific groups or projects aimed at setting HR and development policies in companies. He has been intensively involved in the personal development of employees for over 15 years.