European School of Business & Management SE (ESBM) European School of Business & Management SE (ESBM) based in Prague is suitable for studying MBA programs not only for prospective students from Prague, but also from Olomouc.

ESBM offers 22 MBA specializations. The large amount of study materials for each module is provided to students from Olomouc through the e-learning system to which the student will be given access immediately after starting their studies. This system is one of the advantages of studying at ESBM, as students can study conveniently from anywhere and at any time.

Another advantage of studying is the possibility to start studying immediately and to adapt the entire study to your time possibilities. The course is taught online, which is complemented by 4 interactive workshops, where students can choose their own dates, so living in Olomouc is not an obstacle.

By earning an MBA degree, you show that you are interested in continuing your education and growing professionally, qualities desirable in the job market. Earning an MBA also gives you an advantage over others.

You can divide the payment in up to 12 installments without increasing the price.
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Advantages of MBA studies

Studying an MBA will bring you many benefits, here are the main ones:
Practical seminars

The study is based on the so-called Oxford model of teaching, which effectively connects theory with practice and develops the abilities and skills of each student.

E-learning system

Professional student section with all teaching materials, information documents and access to the online library with more than a million titles.

Benefit časová flexibilita
Time flexibility

You can start your studies at any time during the year and, thanks to a modern e-learning system, study from anywhere according to your own time possibilities.

Wide selection of MBA specializations

Students choose a specialization according to their interest and focus. We guarantee the opening of each of the 22 study programs regardless of the number of applicants.

Top lecturer team

The lecturer team is composed of professionals who have a diverse focus and thus ensure professional coverage of individual MBA specializations.

Combination of online studies and seminars

The combination of e-learning and face-to-face seminars allows even the busiest students to study. Students choose the dates of seminars from a wide range according to their own time possibilities.

Studium na zkoušku

Váháte, zda je studium MBA na ESBM vhodné i pro Vás? Přesvědčte se hned! Absolvujte 2 nebo 3 základní moduly. Pak se sami rozhodněte, zda pokračovat dál.

Pouze 9 500,- Kč bez DPH

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