Basic information about the MSc Title

  • MSc means Master of Science. It is a management education program based on the tradition of Anglophone countries, which represents a modern form of postgraduate education.

  • Management education and an MSc title are a great opportunity to differentiate yourself and open up new possibilities for your professional and personal growth.

  • Graduates with an MSc title have the prerequisites for advancement on the career ladder, strengthening their position on the labor market and obtaining higher financial remuneration.

  • With MSc Studies  at the European School of Business & Management SE, students broaden their knowledge and gain practical skills that they can apply in practice.

  • MSc Education Programs MSc are especially intended for representatives of middle and top management, entrepreneurs, employees of the state administration or non-profit sector.

  • A successful graduate obtains the MSc title, which is written after his/her name. MSc graduates can be a great asset to their company as they can contribute to process improvement and implement new strategies and procedures.

Advantages of an MSc. title

87 %

of graduates have improved their job position or status in a company thanks to their MBA studies.

88 %

Graduates regularly use the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies to solve specific work situations.

97 %

Graduates said that their investment in studying at ESBM has paid off.

83 %

Graduates said that the studies were a key motivation for starting their own business.

91 %

Graduates have gained valuable work and business contacts during their studies at ESBM.

93 %

Graduates confirmed that they had expanded their business and increased their turnover.

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