GRADA Publishing

GRADA Publishing, a.s. has established itself as a renowned publishing house and the largest domestic publisher of specialist literature since 1991. Each year, it publishes nearly 400 new titles in more than 40 fields and in a total of 152 editions. Since 2015, the company has gradually expanded into other areas. For the first time this year, it introduced the special imprint COSMOPOLIS, which brings readers foreign and Czech fiction of all genres. Next in line is the launch of the children’s book imprint called BAMBOOK. It introduces Czech and foreign authors and illustrators to child readers. The third brand is ALFERIA, the literature of knowledge, and books in the field of personality development, harmony of soul and body, and alternative knowledge. Under its parent brand, GRADA, of course, it continues to bring quality professional literature from all sectors and areas of human activity.

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London Institute

The leading language school London Institute has been teaching foreign languages, especially English, since 2001. It offers language courses divided according to the level of knowledge, intensity and individuality from beginners to advanced. Teaching is provided by a team of experienced lecturers, mostly native speakers from the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada. As part of our cooperation with the London Institute, we provide ESBM students with language courses abroad that focus on strategy development, negotiation and business terminology.

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Academic Bookshop MEGABOOKS CZ

The company MEGABOOKS CZ has been active on the Czech market for more than 20 years and focuses on the import and distribution of foreign literature. Their customers are not only the readers themselves, but also retail outlets and wholesalers. It imports specialist publications in many fields, language teaching textbooks, methodological manuals, dictionaries, social science literature and medical texts. We work closely with more than 400 publishers, scientific institutions from all over the world and we establish new contacts according to the requirements of our customers. They try to fulfill any request of their customers and provide them with titles, both in book form and electronically. The Academic Bookshop specializes in the sale of specialist literature and we are happy to arrange the delivery of any title for you.

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Mindtrix is a trademark of psychologists and lecturers Radka Loja and Olga Lošťáková. They focus on personal development in the areas of emotional intelligence, communication, working with stress, mindfulness and greater use of the brain. They conduct courses and workshops for the public, prepare tailor-made corporate courses and provide individual coaching or psychological counselling. They work with the subconscious, using current knowledge from psychology and neuroscience. Their courses and workshops are based on experience and practical exercises.

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Jobs 2030

Jobs 2030 s.r.o. focuses on HR consulting services. A team of consultants, coaches and trainers is dedicated to the future of work and the development of new technologies. They specialize in tailored career programs, talent management and much more. They come up with a comprehensive solution to combine a coaching approach with the latest findings of neuroscience and modern technology.

Economia Media House

Economia, a.s. is an important player in the field of online media and digital media content as well as a major publisher of economic and professional press. Economia operates the successful news servers and Aktuálně.cz, the web project Aktuálně.TV and many thematic web titles. It also publishes the daily Hospodářské noviny, the weekly Ekonom, Respekt, the monthly Moderní řízení, Právní rádce and other professional journals. The titles of the Economia Media House are characterized by high quality journalism, professional elaboration, exclusive news and informed analyses.

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Online jazyky

Czech and Slovak leader in online education Online jazyky teaches you foreign languages easier, in a more fun way, and from anywhere. Choose from over 100 online language courses and 6 world languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. We offer general language, vocabulary, vocational and children’s courses. The team consists of professional teachers, methodologists and language enthusiasts and they have built their courses on a methodical approach, motivational videos and interactive elements that will keep you studying. They have been teaching languages for more than 20 years and they also pass on their experience in other online language projects. In the conversation club you will get rid of your fear of speaking in English. Online Courses is a language class as you know it, only everything is online. In Languages from Scratch you will learn the basic principles of how to learn foreign languages effectively. And in SoGoodLanguages you will find the best explained English grammar.

Language Help

Language Help, s.r.o. offers tailor-made comprehensive language courses for companies and adults. The team of experienced lecturers includes over 80 experts, native speakers and Czech lecturers. Clients can choose from 25 languages, different levels of courses or seminars according to their job position. The advantage is learning at the location of the agency or at the client’s company or home, as well as Skype lessons. The language agency also offers preparatory courses for international exams in basic world languages, language audits and professional translation and interpreting. The opening hours of Language Help are seven days a week.

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Malé Centrum

The academic bookstore and publishing house Malé Centrum specializes in the import and sale of foreign and domestic specialist literature. Malé Centrum cooperates with more than three hundred renowned professional publishers from all over the world, mainly from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France and Spain, and with the majority of professional publishers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They also provide book titles on the basis of individual orders.

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Copy General

Copy General is a leading provider of reprographic, printing and copying services in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides customers with maximum user experience along with high added value. In addition to printing and copying services for private and corporate clients, it offers outsourcing and consulting services for large companies, printing and distribution of conference materials and complete reprographic services for the construction industry.

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The law firm CIKR provides legal services in the areas of family, employment, medical, sports, insolvency, criminal and inheritance law. With more than a decade of experience, our attorneys will provide you with the highest level of legal services and a pro-client approach is a matter of course. The attorneys will adapt to the client’s time needs outside of normal working hours, help with drafting contracts, represent him/her at administrative proceedings and much more. CIKR is interested in building long-term client relationships based on trust, discretion, expertise and empathy.

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Lepší známky

The agencyLepší známky, s.r.o. offers tailor-made vocational training courses for adults and children, as well as language courses and tutoring in school subjects. According to the client’s wishes, the lessons can take place in the agency’s classrooms or in the company/home. The offer includes the proficiency testing of students by age and subject, follow-up educational programs, strategic educational planning based on individual student needs, and expert assistance in selecting a high school based on the student’s knowledge and talents. The Lepší známky agency has a 96% success rate in preparatory courses for grammar school, high school and school-leaving exams.

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The portal is operated by the ASIANA company. ASIANA spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1993 and was the first in the Czech Republic to provide language stays and study abroad. Over twenty years on the market means invaluable experience in consulting, school selection and the actual handling of clients who have decided to invest in their future through education.

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iQ Business

The company iQ Business, s.r.o. offers strategic corporate consulting that focuses on crisis management in companies. In time-sensitive projects, the specific problems of companies are solved, the method of correction is sought and stable company processes are set up, which lead to newly acquired prosperity and optimization. It is about finding reserves and weaknesses and building strategic corporate objectives. The company also offers assistance in developing the potential of less experienced managers through mentoring, coaching and other methods.


Jooble is a job portal created for one purpose – to help you find your dream job. On the website you will find all job vacancies in the Czech Republic. Jooble is the largest job portal in the Czech Republic and the world leader in job searches, using a special search algorithm. Like other search engines, it does not store all the data in its own database, but can only search for it, and it does this better than anyone else. If you are searching for a job as a university teacher, take a look at the Jooble portal.