Ing. Vlastimil Šlouf, Ph.D., MBA

Head of System Analysis, Retia, a.s.

A long time ago, one of my teachers in college told me that I would not be paid for being somewhere, but for what I knew and how I could use it in practice. It sounded strange during my first university studies because attendance was checked and recorded all the time, with a few exceptions. MBA studies at ESBM are not about being somewhere, dotting an “i” and looking forward to the result. MBA studies are about connecting theoretical knowledge with practice. No one tests anyone from bullet lists, no one asks anyone to memorize formulas. The ability to apply theory to practice is important. In order to meet the requirements for writing term papers, I read a number of books and professional publications. But it would not have been enough if I had not found the possibilities of their practical application. The time spent studying was not in vain, and in this sense I am proud of my newly acquired degree. I was guided through my studies by lecturers, excellent professionals, successful in both the academic and business worlds. They have been good guides for me on my journey in finding the relevance of theory to everyday professional practice.