Lukáš Knap, MBA

POMS Coordinator, Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems

I had been thinking about studying an MBA for a long time, and I also knew that it is a demanding study both financially and in terms of content and knowledge. But I always wanted to graduate. It was only after several years of working in middle management in the automotive sector that the ideal opportunity to study came up. I spent almost a month and a half choosing where to study, calculating and recalculating everything, reading all the reviews and finally I decided for ESBM, and now as a graduate I know that this decision was one of the best in my life. The combination of the chosen subjects and in addition, the option of e-learning study was perfect for me. The standard duration of study is one year, but I stretched it out to 18 months, but I’m glad I did, as I got to spend that much more time with a team of amazing professionals and great people. The professionalism of the lecturers is admirable; it is evident that they are people with not only theoretical knowledge but also several years of rich experience and vast experience in the field. I must not forget the study department, to whom I am extremely grateful – where I telephoned and emailed on an almost weekly basis – and they were always willing to help, explain, accommodate and reassure me a few times before the final thesis defense and on the phone. Now that I am part of the “ESBM alumni family” I am a little sad that it is all over. But on the other hand, I am very happy that I know such great people and professionals who I can turn to at any time. At ESBM I didn’t just receive a degree and an education, I got something much, much more. I made some great new acquaintances and friends for life. Studying at ESBM was and is the best thing I could have done.