Mgr. Stanislav Koukal, MBA, dr.h.c.

Mayor of Bořetín

It took me less than two years to decide to study at ESBM, mainly because at that time I was studying for a two-year Master’s degree and I was very busy. But I couldn’t resist the desire for a recommended and sophisticated system of education. I sat down at the computer and familiarized myself with the overall course of study, and I was determined at that time. I applied for my studies and thanks to the very friendly and helpful behavior of the study department I started my studies in public administration within a few days, in which I felt at home as I have been working in this field for almost 30 years. I arranged the study according to my own time possibilities so that I could complete it comfortably. The lecturers here are very experienced, friendly and can justify theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. It is a modern study that will enrich every student in the tasks performed in their workplace. For this reason, I recommend studying ESBM as I have gained a lot of valuable information.