MUDr. Tímea Tkáčiková, MBA

Owner of Esthetic Clinic TT

I had been thinking about MBA studies for a long time, so I did an online search, set the main parameters of my choice (price, credits of lecturers, form of study) and I came up with the European School of Business & Management. I very much appreciate the clarity, logical layout and high degree of narrative value of the study materials. The lecturers were amazing, you could feel that they were practitioners with a lot of experience. Everything they tried to pass on to us were not learned lessons from books, but on the contrary, interesting and stimulating experiences. The high professionalism of the lecturers, their professional erudition pleasantly surprised me and convinced me that studying at ESBM was the right choice for me. Another great benefit for me was meeting with Mrs. Ing. Bc. Andrea Mašínová, MBA, LL.M. The seminars she conducted were very enriching for me, the engineer immersed me in the issues of healthcare management so much that I was glad to prepare not only a seminar thesis, but also a final thesis from her module. I have made full use of the experience and knowledge that she sold to us, the students, and I use it in my practice. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the study department headed by Ms. Simone Probst, because it was her work dedication, amazingly personal and highly professional approach that was the driving force for me. In conclusion, studying at ESBM has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. I highly recommend this educational institution to my friends and colleagues. I wish the entire ESBM team every success in the future and thousands more satisfied students.