Ondřej Hartman, MBA

Chief Executive Officer for FXstreet.cz

I rate my MBA studies at ESBM very positively and everything met my expectations. I was planning to study for a very long time and I also put this off for a long time, but in the end I chose ESBM (on recommendation) and I did the right thing. I have to admit that it was quite challenging to synchronize the obligations of my studies with my workload and personal life, but I do not regret the result. ESBM is not only about studying but mainly about the great people I had the opportunity to meet during my studies. It’s unbelievable, but this is where I made many new friends, colleagues and even new clients from among the students. I would like to thank the whole ESBM team for their very professional, helpful and friendly approach and for their great work and help, which made my studies much more enjoyable.