PaedDr. Patrik Janíček, MBA

Teacher of Vocational Subjects, Scott Viator Comprehensive School

I see studying at the ESBM as the right choice. Any form of education is an investment in oneself and promotes a person’s progress. I can apply the acquired knowledge to professional practice. ESBM is characterized by an individual approach, interesting study programs and a different way of teaching. The principle is not memorization, but practical application of the knowledge needed in practice. In addition to the expertise of the lecturers, I would like to highlight the human approach. Overall, the studies are shaped in a modern way. It enriches each student with a wealth of up-to-date information in their field of study. The professional approach of the lecturers and the study department is a guarantee of successful completion of the chosen program. I can recommend the study to everyone as I gained a lot of valuable information.