Director of the Science and Technology Park AC BALUO UPOL

Ředitel vědecko-technického parku AC BALUO UPOL

Education represents important human values and education itself can be seen as a lifelong process. At least this is how we convey it to our students in their university studies. Nowadays, there is a growing need to fulfil the so-called third role of universities in the sense of interconnecting academia and business practice. For this, managers in the tertiary sector, in addition to their high level of expertise, also need the necessary managerial competences. For this reason, I chose to further my DBA studies at ESBM. It was clearly confirmed to me that it was a good choice. Competent and sensitive linking of many areas of management with quality and experienced lecturers with the ability to fully connect theory with practice. The study itself allows a highly individual realization according to the student’s ideas and possibilities. I have a very positive assessment of the work and staff of the study department. Exceptional friendliness, courtesy, flexibility, pro-client thinking and acting are the main characteristics of the staff of this department, for which they deserve a great deal of thanks. Based on personal experience, I find the connection with ESBM beneficial and definitely recommend it.