prim. MUDr. Martin Petrenko, CSc., MBA

Head of the First Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, University Hospital of Bratislava

In 1994, a fundamental change occurred in my life – I became the head of the university clinic in Brno by a selection procedure and then I understood that apart from medicine, I also fulfilled the function of a clinic manager – I organized people’s work, created local personnel policy, “guarded” the performance of the clinic and its finances and, apart from the health of patients, I was responsible for its overall operation. I worked in Brno until 2007, when I was faced with another challenge – the establishment of a university center of reproductive medicine, and so I returned to the university clinic in Bratislava, where I also hold the position of chief physician (this year it has been 25 years) and I’m also the head of this center. 25 years of experience in medical management in Brno and Bratislava would perhaps qualify me as being satisfied with my abilities to lead a team of doctors and nurses. My “restless” nature and the desire to always try something new, in addition to my medical scientific and publishing activities, forced me to test my management experience in the form of real professional education. So I chose to study for an MBA at ESBM. Many have asked me: “What’s that for?” “At your age and with your work?” Now that I have graduated, however, I can say that I was not mistaken. I have verified many of my empirical insights with ESBM professionals, I have changed my mind about some practices – in short, I consider my time spent studying at ESBM to have been put to good use. We people in medicine are used to studying all our lives and keeping up with recent information.