Sonia Fabian, B.Tech, MBA

Market Manager, Otto Bock Slovakia s.r.o.

I would like to thank ESBM for the professional approach and the knowledge I have gained through my MBA studies. I have been considering my choice of school for a long time and I’m very glad that I made a good choice. Although I had managed a company and employees in my working life, I didn’t have enough knowledge about marketing and that was what attracted me. Studying marketing at ESBM gave me a good foundation to start in this interesting field, in which I would like to further develop my knowledge and experience. If the school decides to introduce marketing into the DBA, I will definitely be among the first to apply. I greatly appreciate the professional knowledge and human approach of PhDr. František Grunt, who was the supervisor of my thesis, Mgr. Jiří Kocich, MBA, who lectured three subjects in my specialization and thanks to whom I fell in love with marketing, and last but not least the staff of the study department, who immediately responded to my entreaties and requests, even over the weekend. To all of them I express my deep gratitude. Finally, I would very much like to thank the management of the school for allowing me to defend my thesis via Skype, because due to the pandemic the borders of the countries were completely closed. I appreciate it very much.