Benefits of Specialization
MBA in Risk Management and Crisis Management

  • You will learn to recognize risks using different methods and techniques.

  • You can eliminate pre-existing risks.

  • You will understand the relationships between the different factors that lead to crises.

  • Recognize potential crisis hotspots and identify the appropriate causes.

  • You will learn how to assess the likelihood of a threat and the viability of a business.

  • You can eliminate the effects of the crisis to prevent further development or recurrence.

Specialization evaluated by 23 students.
Hodnocení: 4,98 / 5

Detailed Course of
MBA in Risk Management and Crisis Management

  • MBA Studies last 1 year, are conducted in Czech and combine modern e-learning with interactive workshops, which are grouped into several teaching days.

  • The study is divided into 3 blocks and each block is further divided into individual modules.

  • The output for each block is seminar theses or case studies. For the first block the student prepares 3 theses, for the second block 2 theses and for the third block 1 seminar thesis or case study, or another form defined in the syllabus of the specific module.

  • The studies conclude with the preparation of a thesis and its defense.

  • The teaching is conducted by  professional lecturers, , who are selected experts on specific topics. Lecturers are fully available to all students throughout their studies and students can contact them at any time with any query.

  • Students have the possibility of individual consultations with lecturers, which can take place through the e-learning environment, virtual room, in person, by phone or by email.

  • The e-learning portal guides students throughout their studies. Here you will find information about lectures, study materials, lecture schedules and all necessary information, which maximizes convenience and accessibility of information.

  • A successful graduate obtains the MBA title, which is written after their name. This gives MBA graduates an edge over others.


Conditions of Admissions

  • Completion of at least a bachelor’s degree or a professional degree in a BBA program.
  • Or experience in a managerial, management or leadership position together with secondary education along with a high school diploma. Download form.
  • Applicants must submit a duly completed application form for the studies,  the application being FREE of charge.
  • Applicants are admitted to study  WITHOUT ENTRANCE EXAMS  or interviews.