2nd block - specialized

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The second block of study is specialized and consists of 3 modules. The teaching of these modules takes place during one training day and students can choose the term according to their will, which gives opportunity for even the busiest to study.

List of specialized modules

Executive DBA specialization

Six sigma

The module introduces students to the management philosophy, which is based on the principle of continuous improvement of an organization’s operation using proper process management. One of the main principles is making decisions based on accurately measured data. This structured, quantitatively based principle of using hard data leads to improving the quality of products, as well as the processes of creating them through teamwork. Demonstrations will demonstrate how to offer customers a quality product or service while maintaining adequate costs and, most importantly, how to ensure a sustainable, continuous increase in corporate profits. The essence of Six Sigma is that it provides organizations with guidance on how to reduce the number of errors in all their activities and eliminate the causes of non-conformities before they become manifest. Six Sigma offers much more than conventional control, which focuses on correcting errors that have already occurred – it provides specific methods to redesign the process so that non-conformities do not occur at all. The lecturers will present these very important practical insights from the modern Six Sigma concept to their students.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the so-called new industrial revolution, is accompanied by a number of groundbreaking changes not only in the labor market. These changes will be discussed during this module. The increased use of computer and robotic support, artificial intelligence systems in production or administrative tasks, the introduction of cyber-physical systems, digitization, automation of both production and service delivery and other sectors of the economy will have a society-wide impact. Changes in industry and various technologies will also be reflected in the education and social systems. The benefits of Industry 4.0 lie mainly in saving time and money, increasing flexibility and productivity. Monotonous and often physically very demanding and dangerous work will disappear, and the process of introducing new technologies into production will be accelerated. In addition to the positive impacts, the negative aspects and risks of the new revolution will also be discussed in detail. Possible preparation for these aspects will of course also be discussed. Risks include possible hacker attacks on systems, the misuse of data and increased unemployment.

Quality Control and Performance Management

Quality management is based mainly on the observation and analysis of all processes in the company, which it then tries to continuously improve. The module focuses on the creation and design of quality management systems in all types of organizations from the private sector to the public sector. The module introduces the basic concepts of quality management and performance management. Their advantages, disadvantages and risks when implemented in a specific organization are discussed. The module also deals with determining optimal performance indicators, their measurement and appropriate data sources and then linking them to strategic management and remuneration in the institution.

DBA Soft skills specialization

Communication, Argumentation and Negotiation

Self-presentation, the ability to explain your thoughts and ideas and to sell them to whoever is listening, are crucial for business. During this module students will deepen their communication skills. Attention will be focused on both verbal and written expression, and important non-verbal communication will not be neglected. During practical demonstrations, the audience will be shown how to structure written and spoken language appropriately. Graduates will improve in the art of productive discussion, polemicizing over the raised topics. Advice and tips will also be given on how to engage an audience, arouse interest and desire to cooperate and how to create the best impression. All these aspects of good communication will be aimed at both individual and group audiences.

Development of Managerial Creativity

Getting bogged down in routine while performing managerial functions is highly undesirable. The module will help students to look at everyday situations in a new and fresh way. Thanks to hands-on exercises, listeners will learn to think in new ways about old topics. The lecturers will share their experience on how to practice and improve your thinking, how to effectively take advantage of opportunities and opportunities that arise. The focus will also be on the perceptiveness of managers – on the ability to search for hidden connections and opportunities, on the ability to react flexibly to new unexpected situations and make the most of them. Ways of improving quality and finding new ways to make your products or services even better will also be presented.

Life design

Personal development, mental hygiene and generally taking care of one’s own mental health is extremely important for managers who deal with many stressful situations on a daily basis. The focus will be on time management, experienced lecturers will advise their listeners on how to reconcile the often very fast pace of work with the need for functioning relationships in private life. Various relaxation techniques will be presented, as well as methods to increase the ability to concentrate, how to get rid of fear, stress and worries that often unnecessarily hinder workers in their careers. The lecturers will also advise on suitable and easy-to-implement adjustments to the working and personal environment that will increase work efficiency. An important part of the module is also the introduction of the term burnout syndrome – its causes, phases and methods to successfully prevent it will be presented. Graduates of the module will increase their personal performance, make better use of their potential, act assertively, work actively and desirably with their own self-confidence, achieve the necessary perspective and be able to focus on the facts that are truly important for their lives.