Filing the application

  • Completion of at least a bachelor’s degree or a professional degree in a BBA program.

  • Or experience in a managerial, management or leadership position together with secondary education along with a high school diploma.. Download form.

  • Admissions Applicants are admitted to study WITHOUT ENTRANCE EXAMS or interviews.

  • Filing the application Applicants must submit a duly completed application form for the studies, the application being FREE of charge.

The next MBA teaching of the basic block starts on September 7, 2019

Advantageous offer
The discounted price of the MBA study CZK 79,000 without VAT applies to applications submitted by June 30, 2019.
You can spread the payment up to 10 installments without increasing the price.
The study can be started at any time during the year according to your own preferences.
Do not hesitate
Think of your future, now is the right time!

How to quickly and easily apply for the studies:

  1. Go to online application.
  2. Choose out of 22 specializations according to your interest and focus.
  3. Please indicate on the application form your expected start date (when you would like to start your MBA studies).
  4. Fill in the other additional information, attach proof of your highest level of education and submit your application.
  5. A study coordinator will contact you within 2 working days with further information and progress.
  6. Subsequently, you will be sent access data to the student section (e-learning system), where you can find study materials and all other information necessary for your studies, including the dates of individual teaching days.
  7. Payment for the MBA can be made in up to 12 instalments without any increase in the tuition fee. You can find more information in the tuition fee section.