Specialized block BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA Marketing

The second block of study is specialized and consists of four educational modules which the student completes within his/her specialization. The specialty training is divided into 2 training days. Students can choose specific dates from a wide range of courses directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Product and Brand Marketing


During the module, students will learn the basic concepts related to product and brand marketing. They will be able to recognize the different product levels and classifications that affect the marketing mix and learn about the possibilities of product strategies. In its second part, the module explains concepts related to the brand. Students will be introduced to concepts such as brand identity, brand image, brand elements (name, logo, symbol, packaging), which will enable them to define the brand. The module will also involve brand value and how to achieve it.

Marketing Communication and Argumentation


The aim of the course is to introduce students to all the essential theoretical concepts and information for the practical use of advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, PR, event marketing and sponsorship, personal sales and online communication. The focus of the interpretation is such a concept of marketing communication, which is based on the marketing plan of the company. The course will enable students to gain theoretical and practical knowledge and at the same time understand the broader context of marketing communication in a contemporary socio-economic space.

Public Relations


The aim of the module is to familiarize participants with the basic conceptual apparatus of the field, basic tools and strategic approach for formulating public relations plans. Students will become acquainted with the most used PR tools, they will be able to select the most suitable media for reaching specific target groups, learn how to set up an effective communication strategy and prepare a long-term PR plan in the context of the online and offline environment.

Online marketing


The module introduces the basics of online marketing communication. We will present the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing and we will look at the creation of websites, which we will analyze in terms of 7 basic levels that every website should meet. We will present trends in the production of current websites. We will focus on three basic disciplines that can bring relevant users to a website – SEO, SEM and social media communication. We’ll look at other elements of an online integrated communications campaign and conclude with a look at non-traditional online marketing disciplines and their rules.